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***AGM 2018***

We will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 19th May, from 2pm - 4pm at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Dunfermline.
All of us here at Tourette Scotland are working hard to rebuild and refresh the organisation. There has been a reshuffle of the committee and, following the AGM, there will be many more positive changes to come. Please come along and help us get back on track. 

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Read Tourette Scotland's Bulletin Board number 23.

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Meet the Tourette Scotland Highland Group

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Read about Fife Support Group's latest activities.

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Special Educational Needs - A Guide for Inclusive Practice, manual to be launched on 30th November. Contains chapter on Understanding Tourette Syndrome, written by Judy Barrow from Tourette Scotland.  ISBN 978-0-85702-163-2.


Tourette Scotland's new helpline number is

0300 11 11 462  and you can call Monday to Thursday 9am to 8pm 

or email


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About Us

Tourette Scotland is a national charitable organisation.  Our main aim is to support and provide information and research for people living and working with TS.
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What is TS?

Tourette Syndrome is a complex neurological disorder which manifests itself with involuntary bodily and vocal tics.  It is not emotional in origin.
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We hold various events throughout the year including a Spring and Autumn Conference, as well as local network events, etc.
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LOCAL NETWORKS: Tourette Scotland has six local networks; Fife, South of Scotland, West of Scotland, East of Scotland, Highlands and Central.

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SUPPORT US:  Tourette Scotland is a registered charity (SCO21851).  We receive no statutary funding and rely on funding through grants, donations and fundraising.

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CONTACT US:  Tourette Scotland has an office base in Perth and we are happy for you to contact us with any queries or for support and information.

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Our pilot programmes for Training and Outreach have now ended, and we have had truly amazing results.  All support now will be handled as part of our usual services.


What does Tourette Scotland do?


Our Mission:

Objective One:

-Supporting the lives of those with Tourette syndrome, their families and associates

Objective Two:

-Creating an Inclusive Society for those living with Tourette syndrome

Objective Three:

-Improve the Quality of and Access to, Services for those living with Tourette syndrome

Objective Four:

-Raising awareness about Tourette syndrome and associated conditions.

In the past few years, Tourette Scotland has grown in response to the demands of our community - especially with regard to the need for improved services, better support and more awareness about Tourette syndrome.  As such we have recently concentrated on delivery, governance and procurement in line with other national representative bodies, whilst striving to keep our usual services to a standard that supports and informs our membership.

Our future Development Plans will build on the uniqueness, the capacity, value and context of Tourette Scotland to bridge the gap between the private, public and voluntary sector provision, for the benefit of those living with and affected by Tourette syndrome.


 Criminal Justice - help when challenged by police/community wardens



We have recently had several successes with overturning court cases that have been brought against people when its clearly TS behaviours that have drawn the attention of police or community wardens.

In these cases, Tourette Scotland has worked with the legal teams to explain the condition, the individuals' traits, and (as in the latest case - 'arrested for swearing, making strange movements, and spitting') can define exactly why the behaviours are not intended.

This 'intent' has to be proved, and we can argue that its not pre-meditated or meant.

If you have any incidents that need support or scrutiny, we now have a template of actions and legal advice that can assist.

Contact the National Office on


Not in Scotland?  Want help for Tourette syndrome?

Whilst Tourette Scotland has a remit for Scotland, we also refer to other agencies with whom we share knowledge and information.

Therefore if you are resident in England, Wales or Northern Ireland you should contact Tourettes Action who will be able to give information about their range of services and area support groups in England, Wales and NI.  Their website is

If you are a resident of Southern Ireland, go to where you will find out where to get support and help, in their support groups within the four provinces of Ireland.