Information about Tourette Syndrome

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Tourette Syndrome is a complex neurological condition which is not emotional in its origin.  It is more than just 'tics', i.e. involuntary movements and sounds, for the majority of sufferers and is commonly associated with conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour/Disorder, ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder), Motor-skills/co-ordination difficulties and more.  More information will follow shortly and please also see our 'Links' section.  If there is anything you particularly want us to highlight, then please email your suggestion to:


Tourette Syndrome

  • Is named after the doctor who first identified it in 1885

  • Is a hereditary genetic illness caused by chemicals not working properly in a small area of the brain

  • Is not contagious

  • Does not mean you are stupid

  • Sufferers are often misunderstood or rejected

  • Has no known cure.......but research continues

  • People with TS can sometimes have no control over:

  • Making noises like grunting, coughing or barking

  • Twitching their face, eyes, nose or mouth

  • Nodding or jerking their head, neck or limbs

  • Having bad temper outbursts

  • Saying things that sound rude or unpleasant (only affects a small percentage of sufferers)

  • Doctors have tried to explain how it must feel to have TS:

    Do not allow yourself to touch or scratch any part of your body for the next hour!

    You eventually have to, don't you?

    This is how impossible it is thought to be for TS sufferers to control or stop their noises or twitches!

    Not easy, is it?

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