Support Us

Our main focus of work is to support those affected by Tourette Syndrome and its Associated Disorders. There are a fast growing number of people now requiring our services, and it is now thought that 1/100 children suffer from the condition. This means that we need to be forever improving our support and information services. The work has already started, but requires the necessary funding.

Although the number of people diagnosed with TS is increasing, relatively few people know much about the condition and its affect on people’s daily lives. This means that few will have heard of our charity and therefore will not feel the need to support us. Unfortunately, we rely heavily on public support.

There are many ways in which you can help us. You can make a donation, you can join in a fundraising event, or even organise one of your own! We are grateful for any amount we don't ask for a minimum.  Fundraising is also a great way of raising the profile of TS. If you would like a more hands-on role, we welcome new members and volunteers too – feel free to contact us.

However small your gift, you can feel sure that it will be making someone’s life that little bit easier.

Thank you.